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 Sithspawn: The Creation of Sentient Forms and Constructs

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PostSubject: Sithspawn: The Creation of Sentient Forms and Constructs   Tue Oct 21, 2014 1:35 am


The Creation of Sentient Forms and Constructs

This paper will hope to explore what has previously been reserved for the few and ancient Sith Holocrons  of the galaxy. The paper should not be considered an introductory to Sith Alchemy, but should be read with the foreknowledge of said subject. The subject which is about to be explored is often considered controversial and deemed barbaric by many races. While there are numerous ways to create and transform sentient life, the ways described below are those used by the author.  An open mind should be sought when reading the following.

Sithspawn have long been considered nightmares of modern civilization. To the common sentient, a Sithspawn is the abhorrent amalgam of flesh, stitched together and brought to life for the nefarious purpose of reaping the souls of the living. The truth, while not far from the mark of the myth, paints a picture of pre-modern era genetic engineering.

Sithspawn are the subjects of genetic engineering through the use of the Force.  The term Force is used specifically over the darkside, because Sithspawn originated long before the creation of the Sith Order or the introduction of the Sith species into greater galactic life. The creation of Sithspawn can be traced back to the Je’daii Order, and their creation of the Terenta, a beast with preferences for Force enriched meat. The Terenta is often considered the precursor of the much feared Terentatek, a creature which grew stronger through the presence of the darkside of the Force. The Sithspawn proper though, beasts who were born and bred for war, began in the Hundred years Darkness with the alchemist Sorzuz Syn and her creation the Leviathan. While there are several creations that predate Syn’s penultimate creation, the Leviathan truly is the beginning of what would be Force created biological weapons.  The Leviathan and some future generations of Sithspawn typically shared the rare trait of hunting through the force, a trait found naturally in certain creatures such as the vornskr. Some, like the Leviathan, could even retain the consciousness of the lives they had taken, or could use the darkside of the Force to empower themselves, even masking their very presence. However, while these beasts of war were fine for the broader strokes of destruction, they lacked the finer details of death that many Sith required. A detail found in the sentient life forms of the galaxy.

Sentient life forms that have been transformed into Sithspawn gained notoriety with the Dark Lord of the Sith, Naga Sadow when he went into a self imposed exile on Yavin 4 after the fall of the Sith Empire. Left with only a single cruiser filled with loyal Massassi warriors, Naga Sadow began modifying what was left of his Empire. The Sith Massassi, originally a species of average humanoid build and strongly primate like features, were transformed into hulking creatures, easily twice their original size. Including the change in shape and height, the Massassi became extremely muscular, grew large talons, and external fin like structures on their face and backs. Their intelligence on the other hand, actually regressed.  Becoming low functioning humanoids, they came to assume a basic tribal structure for the remainder of their species existence. This in turn allowed them to be rather pliant to their master’s orders, thus becoming the perfect soldier, strong, obedient, and mindless. Such is the practice and purpose of creating Sithspawn from sentient life. Often the goal is not to create a more intelligent being, though it is possible, but a more vicious one.

To begin, a Force user must first find a subject. Sithspawn can be grown from any sentient life. Willing subjects should be the primary focus of one’s search as this will reduce the struggle through the Force as occurs when one type of life from seeks to dominate another. Once a subject has been found, it is important to find a place where the Force user can focus. Focus is essential, because in order to transform life, one must directly interact with an individual’s Midi-chlorians. The goal must be to subjugate the subject’s Midi-chlorians. As Midi-chlorians are linked by a universal mind, they resist attempts to change their nature and pre-described agenda. Imposing one’s will is difficult but not impossible. However the farther one deviates from the destined path of the Midi-chlorians, the harder it is to dominate them.  Once the Force user is focused and clear of mind, he can begin by channeling Force lighting directly into his subject. Special care must be taken on regulating the intensity of the lighting, or the force user risks losing their subject. The lightning, creates a connection between the Force user and their subject, a link of pure energy and essence, which allows a Force user to begin to transfers their will to their subjects Midi-chlorians.  Force lighting also plays a role in the construction of a Sithspawn which will be touched upon later. Another example of lightning being used to exert the will of a Force user is seen in the ability known as dark transfer. Through Force lighting, and other means, a Force user can bring those on the brink of death back to life. This is done by commanding the Midi-chlorians in the affected subject’s body, but is significantly more difficult to accomplish then the creation of Sithspawn.

When a connection is made and one’s will is imposed, a twofold construction begins, that of the Midi-chlorians work and that of the Force user.  Though before construction begins, one must remember the alchemical rules of the conservation of mass and equivalent exchange. What is moved around or built in or on the body, is taken from somewhere in the body. Basic things like a slight increase in muscle, or the repairing of tissue are taken from stores naturally found in the body. The creation of large new features such as bone spurs, or the increase in height still take from the body, but as there are not sufficient stores for such large creations. These new additions draw from previous structures in the body, such as the thinning of epidermis to the point of ripping or the leaching calcium from bone structures which leads to breaks. To counter this, a force user should have on hand all the elements that make up their subjects species in large supply, thus circumventing the previously stated alchemical rules. In this way, one could theoretically turn a standard sized humanoid into a rancor or even leviathan sized creature, provided enough materials were on hand and enough energy could be expended by the force user. The extra elements should be placed on the chest and transferred into the body through Force lightning as needed. It is advised not to break the connection made through the Force lighting by stopping and physically placing the needed ingredients on the chest, but to use telekinesis to move the ingredients over as needed.

Once the Force user is ready to begin construction, they will instruct the Midi-chlorians to begin constructing the additional features they wish to add, such as extra hearts, larger eyes, or other things in the body which do not relate to the bone structure of their subject. The Force user themselves will then begin constructing or reconstructing the bone structure of their subject. This separation is done not because the Midi-chlorians cannot shape bone, but because it is simply faster for a Force user to do so. Through the use of Force lightning, a Force user can trigger the rapid calcification of bone. One should take care however in that they are left with creating the framework for which the rest of their work will be placed. Cutting corners will only lead to an inferior Sithspawn.  Once this dance between Force user and Midi-chlorains is mastered, it is much easier to understand the additions one wishes to add to their Sithspawn.  Common additions are a thickened epidermis for durability in battle, bone spurs, spines, and talons which protrude for increased efficiency in melee combat as well as to induce fear.  Increased muscle mass and hardened skeleton are also commonly seen. Without mastery of this skill, additions to the subject’s body can be unexpected, and sometimes detrimental to the overall quality of the Sithspawn.  The author’s favorite additions are the creation of a large second mouth on the chest of the subject, and the transformation of fur or hair into thick, sharp spines. Fear is also a factor that should be considered by the Force user. As fear is a potent weapon of any individual, often a purely aesthetic feature on one’s Sithspawn can be equally if not more terrifying then the practical additions. When creating a Sithspawn, the imagination is truly the limit.

While additions to one’s subject are the primary focus of creating a Sithspawn, a Force user should not forget that what is taken away equally matters. For this, the Force user will directly dominate the mind of their subject imprinting on them the qualities they wish for, while relying on Midi-chlorians to sever nerve endings, and to diminish the mental capacities of the subject. Removing such features as fear and pain from one’s subject should be considered essential. These combined traits allow for the Sithspawn to become a juggernaut on the battlefield, stopping only when the body is broken and can no longer continue. It is also recommended that the intelligence of the Sithspawn be reduced, as this allows for domination over the creature and makes it much more pliable to one’s commands.

It is interesting to note that sentient Sithspawn are not created with similar abilities to non sentient Sithspawn. Such as the addition of being able to trap the souls of their victims in blister packs like the Leviathan, the hibernating abilities of the Terentatek , or the ability to draw nourishment form the darkside like the Battle Hydra. Some believe that such additions are left off for fear of creating a Sithspawn too powerful and too intelligent to control. It is the opinion of the author however that such additions are not excluded, but are too difficult to add on as creating a Sithspawn means working with the existing abilities of the subject. Anything is possible, but such endeavors are left unexplored for knowledge of existing formulas to create known powerful entities like the Leviathan.

While much has been explored for the creation of a Sithspawn, there are many things that have also been left out for the sake of brevity. Abilities like rapid healing and infectious bites are among such add-ons, while subjects like Sith talismans and their creation of Sithspawn are left for later works in which the author can dedicate more time to the subject.  

Several closing notes from the author: While the creation of Sithspawn may seem quite simple after the reading of this practical procedure recited above, it is actually an art left in reserve not only for Sith Lords, but for masters of Sith alchemy. This is done because as already stated, the domination of life is a skill learned from practice, practice that begins with inanimate objects such talismans, and war swords, elements which lack Midi-chlorians to resist its creator. Things created through the alchemical sciences of the Sith, retain a level of force sensitivity, and bear an imprint through the force of their creator. Also, a final warning will be issued to any who do manage to create their own Sithspawn. What has been done is not a mere cosmic change that will die out after its host has perished. What has been created is a new and often unique life form, with its own new DNA code. Given the option, ability, and numbers to procreate, Sithspawn will do so. Left alone, it is not unimaginable that one’s creation could take over any planet, becoming the new form of dominant life there.

Sith Holocron of Darth Ichorus.
“Chronicle of Sorzus Syn.” Sorzus Syn. Year -6900-6850.
“The Life of Naga Sadow.” Ri’nhza Orr. Year -1237. Grand Galactic Publishing Co.
“Physics of the Force.” Otobo Gallar. Year -24. Toydarian Children’s Press.
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PostSubject: Re: Sithspawn: The Creation of Sentient Forms and Constructs   Thu Oct 23, 2014 2:22 pm

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Sithspawn: The Creation of Sentient Forms and Constructs
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