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 File 0978B- An Early History of Mandalores

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Srota Ron
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PostSubject: File 0978B- An Early History of Mandalores   Sun Oct 13, 2013 4:30 pm

File 0978B- An Early History of Mandalores
By Srota Ron

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Welcome scholars.

Partially translated from Mando’a

An Early History of Mandalores
There have been many who have called themselves Mand’alor, but none have been more seminal to our people than the first few. The first ones to call themselves Mand’alor were Taung, those we trace our cultural heritage back to. To call oneself the Mand’alor is to claim to be part of a long line of leaders dating back over 7,000 years to when the Taung fled to Manda’yaim from Roon, led by Te Sol’yc Mand’alor. He was the first, and perhaps one of the greatest of us all, it is from him that we call our leaders Mand’alor, and our people Mando’ade, as well as our home world Manda’yaim. It was from him that the first crusader movement supposedly began, and beyond that no real other knowledge remains about him.

It was our second Mand’alor who more likely started the crusader movement, a sentient of unknown name, species, or gender, little else is known about this leader, but little else matters, for it was Mandalore the Conqueror who set our people out to the galaxy once more. His successor, Mandalore the Indomitable, was the first Mand’alor to become notable on a galactic scale, and the one who began our ancient association with the dar’jetii. Under his leadership, we were led out on many successful raids and campaigns, making our way to Coruscant. It was even him who adopted a non-Taung into our culture himself, perhaps setting the precedent for the neo-crusader movement begun by his successor. Mandalore the Indomitable led our people with great honor and courage, acting within the Canons of Honor and bringing glory to our ancient brethren.

It was over four thousand years ago that Mandalore the Indomitable took our people out in search of a new enemy, one that would bring us a glorious fight. He found it in the Empress Teta System, against the Krath. He believed that their leader, a dar’jetii named Ulic Qel-Droma, had spread himself too thin, and left himself open to our attack. He led our people in raids to test the foe’s defenses, and wound up attracting Qel-Droma’s attention with the destruction of important facilities in the Empress Teta system. This prompted the dar’jetii to contact our leader and to threaten him, which prompted the response of our Mand’alor in which he posed a fateful duel between the two of them, which would be held in front of the two armies on the planet Kuar. He fought the dar’jetii, using the basilisk war droid and other techniques, only to be denied an honorable death upon his defeat. The dar’jetii instead offered our people a better fate, one that would come by pledging loyalty to him. It was as a result of this duel that our people would become so intertwined with the dar’jetii in the days of the Old Republic, that we would be led to unspeakable actions. Qel-Droma used our people to help aid his and his master’s plans to attack the shipyards of Foerost.

It was on Foerost that our people’s ruthlessness and warrior spirit were displayed for the dar’jetii, and it was our people under Mandalore the Indomitable’s leadership that won the battle there before it could even begin. As our leader and the dar’jetii entered the shipyards, sources say that the republic workers tried to resist giving up the codes to him, prompting our leader to simply execute the nearest captive, which shocked the rest into eventually giving up the codes. It was Mandalore the Indomitable’s actions on Foerost, and the way he impressed Qel-Droma’s master, Exar Kun, that allowed him to have the great honor of accompanying Qel-Droma and his forces in attacking Coruscant. Using misinformation, the leaders of this attack diverted the Republic’s fleet to Kemplex IX, which allowed our people to rain down fire upon the planet of Coruscant along with the allied Krath warships, before landing on the surface itself. It was our warriors who helped push back the jetii defenders of the planet, until our Mand’alor was diverted to attack a weapons cache, housing the powerful MX weapon. Upon clearing the building, the Krath sorceress Aleema Keto betrayed her leader and our Mand’alor’s oath of service, by telling us to withdraw to orbit and from Coruscant, following her orders, having been misled to believe that the Sorceress had been truthful about Qel-Droma’s death, our leader did the most honorable thing he could and obeyed his new liege-lord. Upon their return to Cinnagar, our leader found out the truth, that his true lord had been captured, this sent him digging for answers that would explain his lord’s capture and that would appease the honor of his people, only to learn that Keto had ordered a full retreat earlier than would have been appropriate upon Qel-Droma’s capture.

Seeking only to uphold his and our people’s honor, Mandalore the Indomitable confronted the traitorous sorceress, only to find she had no interest in rescuing her supposed lover. Instead, she ordered an attack on Kemplex IX, hoping that the jetii and the Republic would see it as another feint. Our leader ordered our people to obey, trusting in our ability to obey orders properly, and instead of joining our people on the Krath battle fleet, he flew off in his personal shuttle, burning out the engines as he made his way to Yavin IV, and to Exar Kun’s Brotherhood of the Sith. He revealed the treachery to Kun, and sought his aid in rescuing his liege. Kun agreed to help our leader and departed on his ship with our leader and Massassi warriors, making their way to Coruscant, and stopping the trial. Our leader reaffirmed his loyalty to Qel-Droma and left with him and Kun.

Mandalore the Indomitable told Qel-Droma the truth of his capture and betrayal, which led Kun and Qel-Droma to plan a way to repay Keto while still assaulting the Republic and jetii. The two dar’jetii decided to send our people after an important target, rather than on this other mission, rewarding our people and our leader for their loyalty. This, of course, would be the final battle of Mandalore the Indomitable, which would occur on Onderon. Our people were tasked with holding the Iziz Royal Palace on Onderon, which prompted our leader to station his fleet carriers in orbit. He would give one final glorious speech, before our people mounted their war droids and attacked. Leading the Basilisk wing of our forces personally, Mandalore the Indomitable headed towards Iziz, and the palace. However, our forces were spotted, and the Beast Lord Oron Kira marshaled his forces to oppose us. The ensuing fight was vicious, and the beast-riders managed to get a call out to the Republic and requested their immediate aid. The Republic would do so, and the beast-riders held our forces off until the fleet arrived.

Our leader was becoming more desperate and ruthless, and he tried to lead us to victory against the combined opposition forces, but it was too much, and when the fleet carriers in orbit were destroyed, our leader instead chose to save our forces and lead our people to safety. Falling back to the moon Dxun, whose atmosphere met Onderon’s at this time, our people were continually harassed by Republic ships and Beast-Riders. By concentrating their firepower on the Basilisk war droids, they were able to easily destroy them, most notably the mount of Mandalore the Indomitable. He crashed into the surface of Dxun, where he was killed by local animals.

Mandalore the Indomitable is best known for his battle prowess and his loyalty, letting those two drive him more than anything else. It is no surprise why our people of that time are well known for their extreme actions during the war. However, there is much to be admired in such loyalty to one’s lord and people as is shown by Mandalore the Indomitable, perhaps where the issue lies is in picking one’s leader. It is clear in hindsight that having da’jetii influences on our people only leads to failure and disgrace. This much became clear under Mandalore the Indomitable’s successor, Mandalore the Ultimate.

Mandalore the Ultimate marked the first real change in our people’s way of life, he was a Taung who had discovered the mask of Mandalore the Indomitable on Dxun, and used it to make the claim as his successor. He used the years following the defeat on Onderon of the clans to reunite our people and to strengthen us. Using Dxun as his base, Mandalore the Ultimate, recalled the clans to him and set about the process of rebuilding our forces. However, there were few of the Taung left, and to this end, Mandalore the Ultimate was undeterred. He began the practice of bringing other species into the clans, the majority of which were Humans, but included many others, even Mandallian Giants. This movement of reforms would later be called the Neo-Crusader movement, by which one could no longer define Mando’ade as a race but rather as a culture that focused on honor and glory obtained through battle.

Around twenty years after the death of Mandalore the Indomitable, Mandalore the Ultimate would lead our people once more to war as a result of the dar’jetii. Tricked by the devious dar’jetii, he restarted the crusades against the Republic. This was, in actuality, a way for the dar’jetii to test the strength of the Republic. Mandalore the Ultimate more than performed in this test, and it took much to end the “Mandalorian Wars.” These would be different from before, no longer were the Crusaders just pillaging and then moving onwards, Mandalore the Ultimate instead focused on holding his hard-won territory. It was this change that made our people powerful enough to push into the Republic all the way back to Duro and to hold more territory than the Hutts back then in less time.

Mandalore the Ultimate began his campaign against the Republic by focusing his attention on the Outer Rim Worlds, just along the edge of the Republic’s Territories. He focused on independent worlds and colonies, notably Althir III. It was during these initial stages that he would appoint Cassus Fett as his top strategist and would approve of the brutal subjugation of Cathar. This was a wise strategy, for the Republic decided not to interfere, and would only do so when Mandalore the Ultimate invaded Republic space at long last. Our numbers grew with every conquest, and we developed a large force of slave laborers, they would back our military with the economic prowess we needed to maintain our conquests. This had the added benefit of swamping the Republic with refugees from our advance and making their resources ever more precious as populations increased.

Soon, the forces of Mandalore the Ultimate began testing the Republic’s resolve through multiple skirmishes between Manda’yaim and Taris, keeping the fighting within the neutral frontier worlds. This changed later, when the forces of this great Mandalore invaded Onderon from their forward base on its moon, Dxun. Using the chaos on Taris his approach of the region had caused, Mandalore the Ultimate unleashed his now built-up forces, invading from three routes, using this tactic to split the Republic’s defense fleets. His main fleet, commanded by him personally, pushed directly towards Taris, where he split his forces and unleashed a simultaneous assault on Taris and Vanquo, splitting the system defense fleet, and ensuring his victory. Soon, his forces had reached Serocco, a world where Mandalore the Ultimate proved that he cared little for using appropriate force. His use of nuclear warheads on military targets near or within civilian population centers is perhaps another sign of the excesses our people were shown capable of under his leadership. Perhaps the greatest factor in the success of our forces was the desire of the jetii to remain removed from the conflict, and their entry into the war on the side of the Republic was to be Mandalore the Ultimate’s downfall.

It was the entry of a significant portion of the jetii forces under the leadership of Revan that would lead to the end of Mandalore the Ultimate. This group would later be called the Revanchists and they opposed the jetii council’s non-involvement. Revan’s forces pushed our people back further and further, eventually leading to the final battle at Malachor V. It was here that Revan would slay Mandalore the Ultimate and take his mask, thus ending the succession of the title of Mand’alor.

It was under the leadership of Mandalore the Ultimate that being Mando’ad took on a more modern significance, though perhaps because of the dar’jetii influences, much of his actions during the Mandalorian Wars are seen with great disdain, notably the genocide of the Cathar and the Nuclear bombing of Serocco. Despite all this, it is clear that though his reign is marked by the excesses caused by our people’s desire for glory in battle, Mandalore the Ultimate was a fundamental part of forming our culture today.

The next Mand’alor to rise to prominence was Te Taylir Mand’alor, Mandalore the Preserver, Canderous Ordo. He would show a marked change from his predecessor, being the first since Mandalore the Indomitable not to align himself with the Sith either on purpose or not. Perhaps this is why his reign as Mand’alor is not marked by the excesses and abuses of power seen by his predecessors. It is also interesting to note that he was the first Mand’alor whose true name is still known. Te Taylir Mand’alor was born to the Clan Ordo, on the planet Ordo. At the age of thirteen he underwent his verd’goten, and received his first honor of piloting a Basilisk. It was after the defeat of Mandalore the Indomitable that he was recruited by Mandalore the Ultimate to serve as a tactician with the Neo-Crusaders. He is also rumored to have encountered a craft which fled outside the galaxy from his pursuit, this is of course only rumor. Canderous distinguished himself again, during the Mandalorian wars, at the battle of Althir III, where he defeated a force ten times his own. His actions during the battle were seen by some as being those of a glory seeker, but they nonetheless put a swift end to the battle and prevented further casualties.

Canderous is supposed to have had no desire to wipe out worlds for the sake of doing so, but rather having seen the Republic as cowardly for having placed strategic targets within civilian centers in the hopes of lessening the damage to them. Upon Revan’s entry into the war, Canderous found a foe worthy of his skills and respect, noting how similar the jetii’s tactics were to mandalorian ones. Canderous is also known to have been present at the battle of Malachor V. After the formal ending of the war, Canderous became a mercenary working for the Exchange under Davik Kang. During his time working for Kang, Canderous found that the work was ill-suited to him, providing him with no challenge and no real honor. It was in this position as Kang’s enforcer that Canderous was to meet up with Revan once more, Revan was no longer a dar’jetii, and had returned to working with the Republic. Aiding one another in escaping the destruction of Taris, Canderous joined up with Revan, and grew to respect him to the point that when he revealed his true identity, Canderous was the only one of the crew of the Ebon Hawk to be pleased about the surprise.

After the events on the Star Forge, Revan and Canderous parted ways, until once more Revan called upon the mando’ad’s help. He asked Canderous to go and reunite the clans as Te Mand’alor once more, and to bring them to the aid of the Republic against invaders from the Unknown Regions. To do this, the two of them would seek out the mask of Mandalore the Ultimate. Canderous knew that his possession of the mask would cement his position and authority over the clans. Travelling together, they made their way to Rekkiad, where the rest of the clans had come together to search for the mask. It was there that Canderous was able to reconnect with his clan, and he received a warm welcome from all but his wife, Veela, who he had left, along with his clan, following the war. The clan would retrieve the Mask, but Veela learned the truth of who Canderous’ companion was, and she led mando’ade forces in opposition of him, forcing Canderous to kill her in the ensuing firefight. Before separating from Canderous, Revan revealed that it had been the dar’jetii behind the rise of Mandalore the Ultimate. It was then that Canderous would adopt the mask and the title of Te Taylir Mand’alor, and promising to reunite the clans to support the Republic against the dar’jetii.

As he worked to reunite the clans, Te Taylir Mand’alor would eventually meet the last Taung in existence; he would claim to be the true Mand’alor, and that Mandalore the Ultimate had been a dar’jetii usurper. The Taung asked Te Taylir Mand’alor to adopt his clan into Clan Ordo, and that he wear the Taung’s armor as his own, Te Taylir Mand’alor would do these things before moving on and establishing his base at Dxun once more. On Dxun, Te Taylir Mand’alor’s rule was marked by strict discipline and training, and he would also begin to recruit not only warriors into the clans, but other people of useful professions. He would eventually achieve his goal of uniting the clans, thanks to his vision of a return of mando’ade to prominence. He would also live up to his promise to Revan when he and his mando’ade would aid Meetra Surik in the dar’jetii caused events on Onderon. Little is known about his time beyond the events on Onderon, however, it can be assured that he was a man worthy of the title Mand’alor.

Te Taylir Mand’alor, marked a respite from our people’s dabbling with the dar’jetii that would eventually return with Mandalore the Lesser and Mandalore the Vindicated, and perhaps this active resistance of the dar’jetii influence is what makes his reign so great. There are no instances of the excesses noted under the rule of his predecessors, but that too could be attributed to his lack of crusading. His reign was one of a return to prominence and respect in the galaxy at large, and an end to the ways of Mandalore the Indomitable and Mandalore the Ultimate. It is also worthy to note that Canderous’s time as Mand’alor is marked by loyalty to his people and to his allies, as well as strict discipline and willingness to adapt.

In conclusion, the early history of our people is marked by moment of great honor and moments of great excess. Our constant loyalty to our leaders and their lieges is something we can perhaps be proud of, for even when we do buckle and fall to the influences of the aruetii, we do so with loyalty and honor. That being said, it is easy to see that in the early days, our people found lieges who pushed us to great excess, whipping us into battle rages and sweeping us out in conquest of the galaxy. This all changed with Te Taylir Mand’alor, who focused on a return to honor and to striving to train ourselves and better ourselves and our people through hard training and loyalty to one another, rather than purely through conquest, a marked deviation from his dar’jetii-aligned predecessors.
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PostSubject: Re: File 0978B- An Early History of Mandalores   Sun Oct 13, 2013 11:05 pm

Interesting and well written.
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PostSubject: Re: File 0978B- An Early History of Mandalores   Thu Dec 12, 2013 10:36 am

Great vocab and structure of work. I will publish my full notes soon but in the meantime it is my pleasure to award you our first Diploma in History. Feel free to use the below in your signatures going forward:

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PostSubject: Re: File 0978B- An Early History of Mandalores   

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File 0978B- An Early History of Mandalores
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