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 From The Je'daii Order to Modern Day Force Users; A Brief History and Analyses

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Shiko Miru
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PostSubject: From The Je'daii Order to Modern Day Force Users; A Brief History and Analyses    Fri Aug 09, 2013 2:45 am

From The Je'daii Order to Modern Day Force Users; A Brief History and Analyses

Shiko Miru

The Scholars Guild

Authors Note:
Shiko Miru is a freelance pilot by trade and a history enthusiast by passion. He is a new member of The Scholars Guild. The article was funded with money from The Scholars Guild. Correspondence regarding the article can be posted on this forum page or through DM.

The Force, a ubiquitous power that binds all living things together has been held in an esteemed importance to both the Jedi and Sith orders. This mystical knowledge has not only been the center of both orders but has played a huge role in how the galaxy ended up as it is today. This chain of events started long before its “discovery” around -36,463 and will continue to be a decisive part of the future. Since then it has been involved in the very shaping of the galaxy. Societies were formed around it and much blood was spilled in its name. There is scarce an event in history that was not affected or caused by the opposing ideologies of the Force.

There are many sides and beliefs when it comes to the Force. The spotlight is always on Light Side and the Dark Side but the grey sides tend to fade into the background. The two major orders have had many different names throughout history but all tie into these two; Jedi for the Light Side, and the Sith for the Dark Side. Each has been aligned with the strongest of governments and held dominance over one another. Both have been faced with near extinction only to blend into the background to later reappear. In the past and even now there are many factions of force users, each with ties into governments. Some have used governments to promote their own agendas and to gain more power, others the government will use like a queen in a game of chess.  For over thirty thousand years sentient lives from all over the galaxy have been caught up in the struggle between these orders. Those same lives have also prospered from the protection and order they can bring. Just like how all these examples point back to the force, its ideologies can be traced back to one main order.

These differing ideologies of the Force stemmed from the Je’daii Order and continued to branch out from there. Their ideology started with balance and from that balance came light, dark and everything in between. From the Je’daii Order came the differing beliefs of the Living Force and the Unifying Force. The Living Force believed there is a Light and Dark Side to the force and maintained a focus in the present. The Unifying Force believed there is no Light or Dark Side to the force and focused on the grand scheme and the future. Many force users have had an impact on the practice and the ideologies of the Force.  Those beliefs create an internal conflict with force users, for each ideology contradicts one another while needing the other to be right. It is clear that the struggle that has taken place in the hearts and minds of those that are force sensitive, is comparable to the conflict that is fought out in the galaxy.

The source of all Force orientated orders started on the planet Tython around -36,463. Here priests, warriors, scientists and philosophers came together to discuss the mystic energies they had discovered. They called these mystic energies the Force, and they came to call themselves the Je’daii Order. The Je’daii believed in balance so they separated the Force into Ashla, the Light Side and Bogan, the Dark Side. The order wrote a code they adhered to;
"'There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no fear; there is power.
I am the heart of the Force.
I am the revealing fire of light.
I am the mystery of darkness
In balance with chaos and harmony,
Immortal in the Force.''

By around the year -25,793 a schism arose in the order, those that followed Ashla and those that followed Bogan. This was the start of the Force Wars; this conflict lasted over the next decade and nearly destroyed the planet. The followers of Ashla defeated the followers of Bogan and declared the Ashla was the stronger side of the force. The followers abandoned the teachings of balance from the Je’daii and formed an order of light. They called themselves Jedi and formed a Jedi Council to lead of the founding members; Rajivari, Garon Jard, Cala Brin and Ters Sendon. Shortly after around -24,953 the Jedi would join the Republic supporting its goal of peace. The followers of the Dark Side of the force would not gain strength until much later, but the Sith can trace their history back further than those of the Jedi.

The founding of the Sith has a history that starts around -100,000 with the Sith species began to form a society on Korriban. Their history is rich with conflicts but they had sorcerers who wielded the force and thought of it as a type of magic. In around -28,000 the people of Korriban were united by the Sith King Adas who took the title Sith’ari. This culture was shaped around the use of the Dark Side of the Force and would eventually enhance the knowledge of a group of exiles from the Jedi. Across the galaxy around -24,500 on Tython a Jedi named Xendor drifted into the Dark Side with many other students. They called themselves the Legions of Lettow and their sect was short lived and quickly squashed by the Jedi. The Dark Side would remain buried away until much later. Around -7,000  another group began to form within the Jedi. They discovered they could twist life and possibly even create life through the use of the Force. This group was exiled from the Jedi and became the Dark Jedi and this started a war that would last a hundred years. The Hundred Year Darkness would come to an end with the remaining Dark Jedi being exiled to the ends of space. These exiles would land on the planet of Korriban and encounter the race of the Sith. The exiles included XoXaan, Remulus Dreypa, Ajunta Pall, Sorzus Syn and Karness Muur and when they showed the natives their abilities with the force they were labeled Jen’jidai. The Jen’jidai quickly forged an alliance with the second in command on Korriban and aided in overthrowing the old leader. From then on they would be known as Lords of the Sith. From this point on the Sith Empire flourished and encompassed at the very least 120 planets while across the galaxy the Republic and the Jedi mostly forgot about the exiles. Both societies flourished far from one another each knowing little or any about one another.

Just like the Je’daii before them the Jedi and the Sith followed their own codes. Ters Sendon, one of the founders of the Jedi, wrote the Jedi Code around -25,783. He was the chronicler and collector of knowledge so the code pushes the Jedi towards being guardians of the galaxy’s wisdom. The Jedi Code is as follows;
“There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force.”

The Sith Code was created by Sorzus Syn one of its founders, she was also the chronicler of Sith knowledge. She wrote this code;
Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

The Jedi Code is a set of rules that guides the lives of the Jedi, while the Sith Code is a natural progression of one’s fall in to the Dark Side. Each orders founding principles shape the future of force users and influence the very course our history has taken. From this time in history orders and sects of the force will spring up, disappear, take new names and branch off from one another.

After 2000 years in around -7000 the Sith and the Jedi would meet head on to what would be called the Great Hyperspace War. The Jedi order received warnings from a Jedi Knight named Odan-Urr, whom had a vision of a death of a Sith Lord Marka Ragnos and a war against the Republic that would ensue. Sure enough the new Sith Lord Naga Shadow deployed the Sith Empire fleets to invade Republic worlds around the galaxy. With the Sith Meditation Sphere he created an army of illusionary soldiers so his army would seem much larger then what it was. Odan-Urr when fighting in a battle on Kirrek caused the concentration to of Naga to break and all the forces disappeared. The Jedi having realized this launched a counterattack and continued with the sacking of all of Sith space in turn liberating the Sith from the control of the Sith Lords.

With all the Sith Lords defeated, their legacy was scattered across their old empire. Around -3996 a curious Jedi Exar Kun went to old Sith worlds and found Freedon Nadds tomb. The spirit of Freedon corrupted Kun and forced him to give in to the Dark Side. After going to Naga Shadows old fortress he enslaved the Massassi race and destroyed Nadd’s spirit. With that he claimed the title of the Sith Lord. The Sith Lord would go into hiding while the Mandalorian Wars would start.  Led by Mandalore the Mandalorians easily conquered planets left defenseless after the war with the former Sith Empire. Against the will of the Jedi Order, Jedi Knights Revan and Malak, used Mandalorian tactics against themselves and in a battle beat Mandalore in hand to hand combat. After the battle the Mandalorians surrendered, having been defeated by a worthy opponent they destroyed their equipment as a sign of respect. Revan and Malek disappeared searching for the last of any Mandalorian fleets discovered that the Sith Empire lived on in secret. The Sith Emperor reprogrammed the Jedi Knights and sent them back to the Republic to fight as Darth Revan and Malek. The new Sith Lords had very little resistance and walked through the empire till a young Jedi Padawan Bastila Shan was able to slow them down with force ability called battle meditation. This unique ability increased the Republics armies fighting ability of all its soldiers around Bastila. Bastila led a infiltration mission on to Darth Revan’s command ship with defeat so close Darth Malek fired on his own masters ship. Bastila managed to escape with Revan’s body. Revan, having forgotten who he was, with the help of Bastila would defeat Malek and then marry Bastilla. They would both leave and disappear in search of the source of strange force visions they were having. After this the Jedi of the Republic would call for a conclave to regroup and plan after beating what they thought was all the Sith. At this meeting Darth Nihilus of the Sith Triumvirate attacked and wiped all life on the planet. This left less than a hundred Jedi left in the galaxy and the Sith sent legions of Sith assassins to hunt them down.

The Jedi went into hiding while a former Jedi, Meetra Surik, who had been exiled by the High Council looked for them to help rebuild. After finding the remaining Jedi Council they rebuilt a Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, after which they choose to exile Surik once more. Surik’s mentor Kreia revealed herself to be the third Sith Lord and killed the Council. Surik hunted down the Sith Lords after being spared by her former mentor and defeated them leaving no remaining Sith Lords. Surik would reestablish a Jedi Order on Coruscant and the order would slowly rebuild until it once again flourished under Suriks leadership. Around -3681 the Sith Empire once more came out of hiding and attacked the Republic and the Jedi. After years of fighting and stand stills of peace talks and surprise attacks the Jedi overcame the Sith and won a short lived peace. Once again Jedi would become enticed with the forbidden knowledge of the Sith and would steal a Sith holocron and disappear into space. Phanius would become Darth Ruin and would bring together a New Sith Empire. The order would destroy the Republic and itself from the inside out because of infective leadership on both sides. The Jedi and the Sith instead formed small kingdoms instead of orders. This would lead to a Dark Lord Kaan organizing a Brotherhood of Darkness whom threatened all other Sith groups to either join or die. Lord Hoth rallied those loyal to him and formed an Army of Light to fight Lord Kaan, after many campaigns the battle would end on Ruusan. Lord Kaan near defeat would let loose a thought bomb that destroyed every force user on the world This would cripple both groups leaving only those who were not fighting left in the Galaxy After this event the Sith planned revenge and adopted the Rule of Many. This Rule of Many means they would spread and branch out to train as many as possible and cream multiple groups.

Since the tragic loss at the battle at Ruusan no force users had been part of open public record. The first open records of force sensitive sentient beings in recent history are traced to Year 2 day 111. There were two; former Emperor Piett who would become a Sith Master, and his opposite Bodo Baas who would become a Jedi Master. It is not certain how many existed before these two but shortly after their force powers being public knowledge; many others started to appear as they began to take apprentices. This began the spread of Force Orders, soon numerous orders would be found throughout the galaxy. Some of their records are highly guarded and some have publicly released records. Each order that’s records can be found will have its history explained.
The Jedi Praxium was one of the original orders founded after force sensitive sentient beings were brought back to the public’s attention. Much of their history is not in public record except for their demise around Year 6. During this time Kal Fisto was the leader of the Praxium wih Rhys Skywalker as his second. Rumors going around were that Kal Fisto was involved in criminal activities so when an individual known as Diabolus Letifer Caes  from a criminal Tenloss Syndicate asked to be force tested Rhys became concerned. Kal was supposedly captured by Caes and was told to choose between his order or his life, he choose his life. He gave control of all of the orders assets to the syndicate and left his fellow order stranded and left in the dark to be picked off. Rhys already had contacted the Antarian Rangers before the transfer of assets and with their help they managed to save some Praxium members. Years later an investigation would reveal that Kal had turned to the Dark Side of the force, he then used the kidnapping as a ruse and then used the Praxiums assets to build a new organization.

Another order aligning with the Light Side of the force would come to be known as the Force Guardians. The Force Guardians were founded in Year 11 Day 169 seconding as a medical company. It would invite Jedi and neutral force users to train with them to practice the healing arts. The order was founded by Jedi Master Davik Kaisho. When leadership was handed over to Hondo Walker the organization took on a more militarized approach to business. He would soon leave the Force Guardians and create the organization Guardian Security Force. In the Year 13 the new lead Jason Con attempted to aid a sentient in need of medical attention but was trapped and captured by Fleur’De Rouge. Refusing to hand over his ship and her demands Con was executed. The Order moved on to Xanxus Drol and became a part of the Guild Bank. A year later the Force Guardians would become knowns as Jedi Medical on the 250th day.

In between the Jedi and the Sith orders are more balanced orders, one such order is the Potentium Order. The Order was founded by a mandate from the Confederate Alliance on the Year 13 by Master Jett Blackheart. It was to include all force sensitive life in the Confederate Alliance and would provide force testing and act as the diplomatic group. Eventually the order would allow non force sensitive to join their ranks to handle certain jobs.  Unlike the Jedi Order, the followers of Potentium view the force different. They claimed that there is no Dark Side to the force, only a Light Side. Those who called themselves Dark Side users pervert the force, twisting it to meet their own will. The difference between a Light Side and a Dark Side is up to the individual, not the Force itself. Jedi teachings are too fearful to explore the full potential of the force. They even developed their own code;
"A Knight is sworn to valor"
"His heart knows only virtue"
"His blade defends the helpless"
"His might upholds the weak"
"His words speak only truth"
"His wrath undoes the wicked"
"'Est Sularus oth Mithas.' My honor is my life."

Another order branched off from the Jedi and the Sith are the Jensaarai of the Avance Coalition. Benethor Draygo was a Vigo in Black Sun, then a part of the Old Republic. Upon learning he was a force sensitive he trained as a Jedi and was trained by Garon Kresh a Devaronian on Coruscant. With the Empire's Jedi purge, Benethor escaped by pretending to be dead for three days using a stasis technique and Force dampening. After the escape, Benethor went into hiding to study. That is where he found mysterious texts written long ago by two different force users that introduced him to the Unifying Force. This concept believed the force could be used for good and evil and that the force itself was neither good nor evil. Benethor would then go down the path of the Dark Side of the Force in an attempt to learn new powers, trusting the manuscripts to guide him. He found that he could resist its temptations and use the abilities without fear of falling into corruption. He searched for force users, regardless of their alignment and taught them the ways of the Jensaarai. The name he derived from the Sith language meaning "Hidden followers of Truth" and he became the first Saarai-kaar ("Keeper of Truth. Through Benethor, Jojo his new apprentice learned of the Unifying Force. Later Benethor sacrificed himself to destroy a powerful dark jedi, to destroy the artifact and to save his apprentice. Jojo became the heir of Benethor's legacy. The Jensaarai embody this belief and carry on Benethor's legacy, to protect the people - no matter the cost.

Other Orders exist, but very little information can be found. More information can be found in the references. Just as difficult the Sith’s Order is hard to track down reputable information. The Order of the Sith has always held close ties with the Galactic Empire. The Sith had their own definition of which who would be referred to as "Emperor" or what group was the "Galactic Empire”. During the Imperial Core the Sith operated completely out of the galaxy's eyes, until they assumed a more visible role when they merged to form the Dark Empire. Later After the merger of the Dark Empire and the Galactic Empire, the Sith Order was renamed to Order of the Dark Hand by Vodo Bonias. Force users were unhappy with now the Sith Emperor would handle things and would lead to smaller groups of Sith to sprout up. The New Sith Order was formed by Sith Master Isoldor Storm. For a long time Sith Master Storm was allied and worked for the Empire. They would split in Year 6 to form the New Sith Order. The rest of what can be found is speculation; it can be assumed that Sith still have orders within the certain governments like the Empire.

To conclude the history; today we find that speculation lies that all major governments have their own order of force users. Most information about them lies hidden within their private data files and amongst their own private force users. Further research and interviews could divulge a better history of the Jedi and Sith, but as of now there is far too little reference material to provide adequate histories of their current orders. It should be proposed that more reference material be created about the orders of our recent past. This endeavor could be a lifelong progress to play catch up on all the lore that is out there in the world. Private interviews could be conducted, a plea towards the galaxy for those that have knowledge of the orders to come forward to conserve them for the betterment of the galaxy. With better understanding of the recent history of the Jedi and Sith Orders, the other orders that branched off could be better analyzed. There is a strong history of the ancient orders but recent times have been so filled with war a conflicts historians have yet to have the time to catch up. With more time the library here at the Scholars Guild could be filled with more knowledge of the recent orders.

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PostSubject: Re: From The Je'daii Order to Modern Day Force Users; A Brief History and Analyses    Wed Aug 28, 2013 8:09 pm

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From The Je'daii Order to Modern Day Force Users; A Brief History and Analyses
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