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 The Book of Insanity - Annabeth Hawkes

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PostSubject: The Book of Insanity - Annabeth Hawkes   Sun Mar 24, 2013 3:24 pm

Authors Note:

The Book of Insanity, is not what the title suggests. The book is made up of a collection of poems written my Annabeth Hawkes. The collection itself features many poems that are "dark" in nature, and reflects many dark virtues and diseases that plague mortal life. Insanity, lust, temptation, and eternal damnation are just some of the points discussed. However, the poet does take a turn in the poem 'Bad Girl' - which highlights to underlying reason women are looked down upon in most societies. As the reader reads into the poems, they shall each find their own 'disease' they need salvation from... this was my mission when writing these works, this is still my mission in future works.


From the Isles of long since past,
To the lakes of long since vast,
The words unspoken today revealed in the night,
They were revealed when shined in the light.

Did you know I was here,
Did they know you were in fear,
I sung the hymn of a hero,
I hoped to Ara you were here though.

I wished upon a starry night,
I wished to you in good fright,
We looked about after all,
I never knew you dropped the ball.

Now I sit here writing this,
Heart broken in an abyss,
I turned to you when I needed you the most,
But all you did was ever boast.

Ray Of Light

The ray of light comes so far,
The ray of light didn't come to par,
The ray of light left for a bar,
The ray of light never was Czar.

He turned to the left and to the right,
Who would've guessed he'd be so right,
I turned around and you were there,
Gawking and daunting as you stared.

I was the barbie upon your throne,
You were my prince my you grown,
My shining knight dipping in chrome,
You threw me out I was thrown.

Shattered and tattered,
My zeal was killed,
Now you stay,
In the tomb you built.


I sit her dreaming and hoping,
For the day I stop moping,
Flopping and hopping I never stopped dropping,
I never was one for overnight stopping.

We came in for the kill,
Oh yes you were oh so ill,
For now I think you're the hill,
For my rock upon the hill.

Please God oh please let me go,
From this dream I'll forever hold,
I never knew I would die,
Forever be bound by the tears that dried.

I'm trapped in my personal hell,
I'm forever trapped in this cell,
Forever shall I dwell,
In the dream upon which I fell.

Lost In The Shadows

Lost in the shadows of which you grown,
Lost in the words of which they thrown,
They convinced you to groan,
They even made you moan.

The darkness shall never pass,
The darkness shall forever last,
Lost in the shadows of your past,
I'm lost today for which I grasp.

The shrouded darkness of today,
Shall never fade away,
We all look about to find a way,
To save ourselves from the grey.

Immoral souls cloud the way,
We all need to pray,
For the light to come find a way,
Lost in the shadows never to see a ray.

Papa Please

We were all so young,
We never knew what we've done,
I never could bring myself to bear,
The truth that was hidden in the air.

I'm not the baby you think me to be,
I be young but I know what I'm sayin',
I'm telling you that I won't be stayin',
I'm in the balance of my soul I'm forever swayin'.

Papa please oh please don't throw me out,
We were too young we were always in doubt,
The picture of love was us I swear,
I never thought it would come to prayer.

I always knew you didn't preach the words,
I always thought you were the leader of the herd,
Oh daddy please let me go to be in love,
I've never forgive you me and him are like two doves!

You can't blame those that wanted to leave,
You can't make those people bleed,
I'm your daughter not some steed,
Papa please oh please let me be freed.

Tale To Tell

I have a tale to tell,
I have a tale to sell,
I shall forever be en-shelled,
In the wall of which I'll never be freed.

This is the story of a lost and broken woman,
This story should be un-spoken,
Will I ever have the chance to tell it again,
Only they'll know if I break free of the chain.

A man can tell lies forever,
It takes a woman to be oh so clever,
The lovers left the nest of which they severed,
Oh why did we ever endevour.

The truth and lies of past times,
To the truth of the crimes,
I have a tale to tell of the chimes,
I'll forever be telling it till the endtimes.

Bad Girl

It's something that hides underneath this exterior,
It makes every girl feel like their superior,
However it makes you feel we all come out cheerier,
It's hidden away something that makes us inferior.

Bad girl is hidden in every woman,
Bad girl is surprisingly feminine,
It eats away at us like we're venison,
Maybe we're just another specimen.

However you feel bad girl will always end up on top,
Even if you feel you're the greatest snob,
You can't deny her or tell her stop,
You can even get her to sob.

Every woman embraces her at some point,
Every woman doesn't want to disappoint,
Every woman has her she is the disjoint,
The disjoint of the body and mind that you never did appoint.

Bad girl is here and there she is everywhere,
You never invited her to dinner which was a mistake,
Anytime any day bad girl will show her face,
Every time you'll run away and never find her grace.

Save Me

I came from miles just to see you one more time,
All of hope is lost as I look for you in my head,
You gave me strength and hope for a lifetime,
I never was worth all that crime.

Please oh won't you save me,
Please I'm making this plea,
With all of my soul within me,
I've prayed for days without envy.

I blundered around in the darkness,
I felt the ashes of the famed artist,
I never was the smartest,
Please oh God save me from the heartless.

Darkness fallen upon my soul,
My life was written upon a scroll,
I never could fit that honoured roll,
I was always at fault; it was never a stroll.

Please oh God won't you save me,
Give me everything that he gave me,
I'll never amount to anything,
I'll pull the trigger and make it rain.


Temptation is in the air,
Temptation is in her stare,
Temptation cannot be thwarted with a prayer,
If I take you there you'll have to promise; swear.

It surrounds us all in it's grace,
It corrupts all in every place,
It'll trap you in it's embrace,
You're nothing but a disgrace.

It'll wrap you in lover's lust,
You'll bed with others with trust,
It'll ground you into nothing more then dust,
Your soul and heart will forever remain crushed.

Body and mind will now become one,
You will think of it as nothing but fun,
Passion spent to your body's shun,
In a moment all shall be forever spun.

Temptation moves ever closer,
Your mind will never have closure,
It was nothing but bad exposure,
Sucker up as your heart has been ran over.


The faster I fall,
The slower I seem to crawl,
I felt as if my soul has been mauled,
Only the inevitable has been stalled.

Oblivion grows brighter and brighter,
As my soul grows darker and darker,
I turned from the light as I died,
It was all because of my stupid pride.

I never stood a chance,
I never could save my stance,
God watched as I entered my trance,
I wasn't even worth a glance.

I sit here in my pit of squalor,
My how I am such the scholar,
Not even my pride or honour,
Could protect my beloved father.

Tortured to the max,
Black and blue gaps,
My soul tattered in wraps,
Oblivion take me as I collapse.

Nothing but a shell of my former self,
Abandoned and forgotten in the rips of time,
I'm still sitting here in the grime,
Oblivion take me in my prime.

As I finish this up I look about,
I turn and I turn and try to shout,
The voices in my head fill me up with doubt,
I'll never escape this place; you're nothing but another face.
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The Book of Insanity - Annabeth Hawkes
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