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 Traditional Cathar Poetry - Translated by Joe Catharian

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PostSubject: Traditional Cathar Poetry - Translated by Joe Catharian   Tue Mar 19, 2013 11:34 pm

A small collection of Cathar poems, lovingly translated from the native traditional tongue to basic by Scholar of the Guild, Joe Catharian, for your reading pleasure.

The Jewel of the North

I dream of a place I call my home,
Where trees tower, and creatures roam.
This place is so vast and so very grand,
There is no treasure more precious than this land.
What is this place?
'Tis the beautiful Cathar! Abode to the Cathar race!

I would protect this Jade with all my might.
How can anyone harm such a wonderful sight?
Destroying this gem is such a travesty,
It practically blinds you with all its majesty!
Many try, many fail.
Just so you know, we do not have jails...

As I have said countless times before,
And listen close, so I don't have to say it anymore,
This land is the only place I know,
And I will be damned before I abandon it so.
But if you still want to know the tip of my spear, come forth!
I will do anything for the Jewel of the North.

The Battle for Cathar

Rise, my Cathar, we are being attacked,
But do not worry, we own the will our enemies lack.

Rise, my kinsmen, for this fight you will savor.
Do not fear for our hope will never waver.

Rise, my brethren, against our opponents.
Hold tight to your might, it is the vital component.

Rise, my friends, against the unjust,
Before we all turn back into dust.

Rise, my companions, against those who do us wrong.
Only then can we attain the peace we desperately long.

Rise, my Cathar, against Mandalore,
So that we can prosper now and forevermore!


Look to your left.
These are your brothers,
even though you do not share the same mother.

Look to your right.
These are your sisters,
even if you're not from the same litters.

This is your family.
This is your clan.
And the clan is bigger than any single man.

Together, you will fight.
You will protect one other.
Each other's hides, you will cover.

Together, you will laugh.
You will learn to care.
You will share the problems you have to bear.

Together, you will live.
A bond you will foster.
And, together, you will prosper.

The Hunt

It is almost time for the hunt.
Today, there will be no runts.
All will succeed, and all will feed.
It is almost time for the hunt.

It is a marvelous sight.
The Kiltik put up a fight.
But we have killed, now all will be filled.
It is a marvelous sight.

Hungrily, we feast.
We have conquered the beasts.
All must have a taste, none must go to waste.
Hungrily, we feast.

Eagerly, we prepare.
Back into the monsters' lair.
Tomorrow, we must feed, although others will bleed.
Eagerly, we prepare.

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Traditional Cathar Poetry - Translated by Joe Catharian
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