SWC guild for Scholars in the combine. A place to read, discuss, present and learn about Philosophies, cultures, language amongst other things. The guild is faction neutral and accepts all into its halls.
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 What is The Scholars Guild?

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PostSubject: What is The Scholars Guild?   Thu Feb 14, 2013 10:05 am

Ladies & Gentlemen across all factions, planets and races, today hails the official opening of The Scholars Guild. The guild is a faction neutral home to academic and scholarly pursuits. Aside from hosting it's own growing library, the guild houses discussion rooms and lectures by sentients across the galaxy covering a vast array of subjects. The Guild is free to join, members being ranked within the guild based on contribution and attendance and allows those creative and academic minds to truly be exercised.

Academic Funding

Aside from the free use of guild resources, we also encourage our members to contribute scholarly works. Although we believe the sharing of this information is reward enough, we run an academic funding program which seeks to fund studies, reports, or writings which will be of benefit to both the guild and its members. Requests for funding can be found on the forums.

The Guild Halls

Rooms currently open for use include Philosophy, Religion, Language, History, Culture, Art & Music, as well as our Library. We do, however, have the capacity to add further rooms and should these be required by members, they merely need be requested in the suggestions forum.

The Library

This is the only room restricted to members signed up to the guild forum. It contains a number of original writings and reference books for use in academic pursuits, or indeed for leisure reading. These range from Philosophy books such as The Balance, to dictionaries, to journals of historical figures.


The Scholars Guild is now offering accreditation in the form of Scholars Guild DIplomas and Degrees. These are all based on submitted projects, white papers and pieces of work. Check out the forum for more information.

Charitable Donations and Endorsements

As a non for profit organisation, The Scholars Guild greatly appreciates donations to the cause and pursuit of further scholarly works. We would also greatly appreciate endorsements and support from users and factions. Thank you in advance for your help in this.

So please feel welcome to join the guild, ask any questions you have, pose topics of conversation and help build a rich resource for your fellow sentients. Balance guide you.

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What is The Scholars Guild?
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