SWC guild for Scholars in the combine. A place to read, discuss, present and learn about Philosophies, cultures, language amongst other things. The guild is faction neutral and accepts all into its halls.
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 Scholars Guild Accreditation

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PostSubject: Scholars Guild Accreditation   Mon Feb 11, 2013 2:45 pm

We at the Scholars Guild look to offer accreditation in order to correctly show those scholars who have contributed into there specific field. Each accreditation comes with a set of letters which can follow the scholars name if wanted. The accreditation and the criteria to earn each are shown below.

MSG - Member of The Scholars Guild - All members who have contributed to discussions have the right to use this set of letters after their names

SGD(Gen) - Scholars Guild Diploma (General) - A scholar who has submitted 5 pieces of work (white papers, projects or books) in any areas of scholarly pursuit ear the General Diploma

SGD(***) - Scholars Guild Diploma - This accreditation is earned by those who submit 5 pieces of work (white papers, projects or books) in a specific area of academia. SGD is followed in brackets by one of the follwing suffixes dependant on academic area of choice.

- (Phi) - Philosophy
- (Tec) - Technology
- (Lan) - Language
- (Cul) - Culture
- (Pol) - Politics
- (Rel) - Religion
- (His) - History
- (Lit) - Literature
- (Med) - Medicine
- (Mus) - Music

SGMD - Scholars Guild Masters Degree - Earned upon submission of 10 pieces of work in a specific field of academia. There is no general award for masters, only specific.

Supporters of The Scholars Guild - Those who support the guild financially

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Scholars Guild Accreditation
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