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 Chaos and the New Republic

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Tor Sedith
Junior Scholar
Junior Scholar

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PostSubject: Chaos and the New Republic   Wed Jan 23, 2013 3:39 am

Chaos and Order--one of the fundamentals toward The Balance--is currently in balance (a crumbling balance at best) in the galaxy but is far from stability. In most respects Chaos is unstable, ultimately making Order unstable as well. Know beforehand that I am not for or against either the Galactic Empire or New Republic as I believe to lose one government would be similar in losing one half of an hour glass, for without each half the object loses purpose. In the following essay, I will try to measure galactic Chaos with the New Republic's inability to manage Chaos itself.

To understand how the New Republic evokes Chaos, one must understand how the Galactic Empire symbolizes Order. As most factions do have, the Galactic Empire has a command system where the government owns most property resources and economic decision making occurs through a central economic plan made by a board appointed by the government. The role of this board? To make all major decisions concerning the use of resources, the composition and distribution of products, and how production is ultimately organized. This form of socialism or communism works fine and well for the Galactic Empire, give or take a few details, and there is no other way I would suggest the Empire should run their government.

However, Galactic Empire does not only successfully foster and replicate Order in the organization of how their government is run but also in their beliefs: "An Empire that was destined to reunite the Galaxy and bring discipline and order back to all Galactic citizens." They know it. We know it. As it says here and on their faction page, the Empire wants Order. Order which firstly meets their demands but Order nonetheless.

Now let us view the New Republic in reverse and start with their beliefs: "The New Republic is dedicated to ... spreading peace and liberty to all parts of the galaxy." Notice the New Republican wants peace and liberty which I see as Chaos, as it should be. However, the New Republic has an ailment in their form or organization as there is a similarity to that of the Galactic Empire. Both governments have a command system. A government, such as the New Republic, which is supposed to spread the Chaos of Liberty and Peace, does not effectively run their government in an organization aligned to their benevolent beliefs.

What I would expect to see from the New Republic is a market system or capitalism, where private ownership of resources and the use of markets and prices coordinate and direct economic activity, and individuals and businesses seek to achieve their economic goals through their own decisions regarding work, consumption, or production.

In a more direct answer, the New Republic should not coarsely rule over planets and planet's economies directly like the Galactic Empire or the many private factions of the galaxy. Instead of ruling over planets entirely, the New Republic should have a complex system which largely resembles Chaos by instituting an elected government official to lead planetary systems to (1. make sure laws are being met and (2. to represent specific faction interests on the planet; all the while having private factions work and till most of the planetary land as the government collects taxes from said factions.

A true representative and capitalistic government would be absurd to implement, but that is the what the New Republic must personify in the organization of their government in accordance to their beliefs.

What the galaxy risks while the New Republic does not rule in the organization of Chaos is not only the New Republic's slow and eminent death, but galactic inflation in both credits and factions which is palpable to all sentients. A problem with inflation is that it simply limits the purchasing power of every individual in the galaxy for a time. The problem with factions directly deals with the number of government factions in the galaxy. For each additional government faction in the galaxy, despite union, there is lesser power available for Order and Chaos, making its influence weak and deformed until the two extremes become unmistakable in their physical form (Chaos and Order's physical form is the New Republic and Galactic Empire's organization of government) in the galaxy--hence the New Republic and Galactic Empire both running an unmistakable command system where there is no visible line between Order and Chaos.

The galaxy is unstable as it is locked in a voracious trend. While the New Republic tries to manage Order in their Chaos, more government factions will rise in the New Republic's inability to attract individuals and factions to their own cause. Similarly, each government faction that rises, drops the New Republic into a deeper precipice that makes it less likely the New Republic will ever accept their destiny, which will ultimately keep the hour glass tilted on one side for a some time. Not for the better.
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Paul Luz
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Senior Scholar

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PostSubject: Re: Chaos and the New Republic   Wed Jan 30, 2013 11:29 pm

Excellent piece! However, I believe Chaos is the intent of the NR. They, however, are being faced with a large, real threat in the GE, and perhaps what we are observing is a prolonged state of emergency in which a little Order is needed to hold everyone together and organize their survival?
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Chaos and the New Republic
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