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 Diary of Paolo Bismark - The Anatomy of Cybernetics #1

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Caos Vend`Etta
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PostSubject: Diary of Paolo Bismark - The Anatomy of Cybernetics #1   Tue Jan 22, 2013 5:22 am

The Anatomy of Cybernetics
by Dr. Paolo Bismark

In this book I will introduce some cybernetic and anatomical studies on a living being. The facts depicted here will be stored in real time by the use of a voice-to-data transcoder for the sole purpose of the development on the cybernetics technology.

I am doctor Paolo Bismark, I've been working in the field of cybernetics for a long time, my specialization is in prosthetics. I've created hundreds of prosthetic limbs and organs for hundreds of races through the galaxy. Today I've got a new specimen and all the following documentary will depict his cybernetic prosthetics and limb implants.

"To understand Cybernetics we first need to fully comprehend Anatomy... in theory." - Paolo Bismark

Day one
... recording data ... 10/16 ...

This is the second day of hospitalization to be precise the specimen is unconscious for the period of 18 hours and 46 minutes, it woke up by the 16 hour in excruciating pain, and I had no choice but to induce him to coma. Today I will start the analysis on the specimen as I need to wait 30 hours before begining the surgeries.

As first sight the specimen is a male human, 18 to 25 years, brown skin, black hair, and strange burgundy pupils, when I first saw his eyes I had to run a full spectrum analysis for midi-chlorians to certify I didn't have a force user in my lab, unfortunately it gave a negative result with lend me to a great discovery. Later analysis result of its blood cells revealed that the specimen has strong corellian traces but in its blood cells were also found the answer to the pupil puzzle, it is a cross match between the human genome and arkanian one, the way its DNA behaves is very intriguing, and everything tells me that if it lives it'll soon suffer the physical changes. His blood cells have good mitocondrial response to the xoorzi extract hydrochloride what means we'll have a calm surgery and that it'll recover faster than the previous specimens.

The damage made to its body was unbelievable. 85% of his bones were broken, it has major laceration points on the right shoulder junction and on the left elbow due to the limbs being pulled out. I had to remove the part of the left arm that was left as it would be inutile and to match with a pair of prosthetics. The same happened with its right leg just under the knee. On these, I'll develop cybernetic prosthetics to match with the pulled limbs. I wont use synthflesh to cover its prosthetics. I developed a synthetic tissue using carbon based nanomolecular macrofiber to mimic the muscle tissue that will respond to its neural impulses perfectly, but it'll generate more heat than normal limbs would do, thus I can't risk using synthflesh to cover it, the Nanomuscle as I like to call it, will have to be exposed along with the carbon bone in order to fully operate. This is yet a theory I never used Nanomuscle prosthetics in a living being before, it can happen that the neural impulses aren't enough to interact with the muscle and the mental stress to manipulate the prosthetics can make the patient emotionaly instable or even drive it into madness.

The specimens jaw was displaced by a heavy metal hit, its forehead bone was smashed... shit... it is in a worse state than I thought, I just hope its brain isn't totally damaged. I'll have to exchange parts of its skull with carbon nanofiber bone and cover it with synthflesh. One of its eyes was also severely damaged, it is better to remove it and also install an augmented one. I can install a comm apparatus beneath the skin attached to the neural hub... I thought about the instalation of a neural hub to aid it on the use of all its prosthetics, this specimen will have more modifications than all the previous, I just hope my idea works, I don't want to need to remove the rub in a hurry and damage its brain.

It had a metal bar spiked through its belly, fortunately only the stomach and the large intestine was damaged, and they can be easy changed for a prosthetical organ.

Other than that it has some heavy wounds, cuts and small lacerations that can be easy repaired with bacta. I removed all the foreign objects from its body, cleaned its wounds and put it under xoorzi extract hydrochloride to keep it under the coma state as it slowly recovers. At least the others are helping me with it. I will register a image of the first phase of the process in order to match with the final.

I am going to left it for today, the game is begining and it needs to rest for the first surgery tomorow.

... record end ...

[I will finish it later, sorry for the mess I am not very used to english as it is not my mother language, it is also just a sketch. Here is 02 AM and I am very tired of work and also drunk on wine. It is the diary of Paolo Bismark the butcher that made Caos prosthetics, it is better explained on Caos page on The Holocron.]

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Rennek Cor
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PostSubject: Re: Diary of Paolo Bismark - The Anatomy of Cybernetics #1   Mon Jan 28, 2013 2:04 pm

Fascinating work, I look forward to reading more. When this is completed, perhaps you could submit it for the Guild Library. dont worry about the spelling and editting too much, the guild staff will be more than happy to proof read and edit for language and spelling.

Balance Guide You

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Diary of Paolo Bismark - The Anatomy of Cybernetics #1
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