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 The Balance

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PostSubject: The Balance   Wed Jan 16, 2013 10:44 pm

The Balance is a philosophy which explores the universe and its forces. It is not a religion, one should not think of The Balance as a path to follow, but rather a means to question the map. This book is a collection of quotes or suggestions that those guided by The Balance have considered. One should look upon these not as an answer to a question, but perhaps instead, the question themselves. The balance does not have clerics, it has scholars, it preaches no deity, nor does it belittle ones beliefs, it simply asks one to consider their chosen path.

The Balance is a philosophy that was developed by Rennek Cor and Zansatsu Sontebran, a surgeon and former cleric respectively. They ask that you read the considerations made and draw your own conclusions, for the adventure lies in trying to find the one true answer, if indeed one exists, and not believing that which is taught by those who have made their own conclusions.

The philosophy covers a number of area’s but is built on the 5 balanced forces. Creation & Destruction, Order & Chaos , Love & Hate, War & Peace and Choice & Fate. One shouldn’t look at each of these forces as two separate powers, but indeed, two extremes of one power. For instance, one does not just love or hate, one can like, dislike or be indifferent to something. These all fall on the line between Love & Hate.

2nd Edition - The Balance:

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The Balance
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