SWC guild for Scholars in the combine. A place to read, discuss, present and learn about Philosophies, cultures, language amongst other things. The guild is faction neutral and accepts all into its halls.
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 SG Accreditation Awards

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Rennek Cor
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PostSubject: SG Accreditation Awards   Wed Nov 05, 2014 3:12 pm

The following accreditation is issued following this years Scholarly Pursuit:

Fukara Mist - SGD (POL) - Politics  

Qardin Fal-cona - SGD (SCI) - Science (No banner currently, please use the following instead:

Ruben Wan - SGD (CUL) - Culture  

Prard'aga Rono - SGD (POL) - Politics  
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SG Accreditation Awards
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