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 Excerpt From cold explorer crash Survivor Report

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PostSubject: Excerpt From cold explorer crash Survivor Report   Wed Oct 01, 2014 5:20 pm

" I Was chosen as a representative of the Paramel Trading Authority to accompany this expedition vessel into the unknown regions of space and honestly I was just fine with the idea of new planets, Creatures, beings and the general unknown. Ever sense I left MT isolated home world of Kalee. I Have experienced this nonstop especially after The trading authority had took me aboard many years ago.

This Being said chosen is the word I like to use However I had actually just been pimped out as a favor To Guard Dal Hanar, some rich muun who fancied him self a hunter. I did not particularly care for this Muun but he took me to various planet In hopes to add new trophies to his wall. The majority of which were truly put there by Me.

Which brought us to the situation aboard The Cold Explorer Such a high class ship as this Hanar Had dismissed me while he mingled in one of the bars. That was the last time I had seen him. I am never one to be caught far from my gear and upon being dismissed I went to the Cargo bay were Hanars and my Hunting gear was.

As I Passed through the hall ways Nearing the cargo bay ,back near the rear of the ship, the halls be came less luxurious and the occupants became more crew than not. At one intersection I Noticed a small group of anxious engineers rush in to what seemed like an engine room of sorts Moving that from My mind at the time, Never occurred to me there was a serious problem. Less luxurious mean smaller Requiring me to haunch over. But not for too long as I reached the cargo bay.

This Magnanimous room was rather large Looking as if it should be housing ships instead of well cargo at one end there were multiple bay doors and here and there were crew checking containers large and small No Idea what what was in them supplies most likely. I Obviously did however know were my gear was in the back near the last bay door. My gear was in a Cargo canister Rather reminiscent Of a coffin i always thought And As I lifted the sealant Lever the door sprang open Revealing my most prized possessions.

The Contents of My Canister Were Relics Of the Huk war passed down from my father To Me the first son. These Items were my fathers Czerka Arms Outland Rifle bayonet attached, Lig Sword And full kolkpravis Durastee/leather armor Regalia. Along with that were Kaluths basic hunting supplies.

I've Always admired my fathers Rifle Always shot true reminds me of home. I religiously cleaned this gun As I was about to do When a wailing alarm started off. This was very concerning And all the crew in the bay had stopped working looking at each other in confusion. I was wondered what they problem was during which a voice came on the Speaker stating in a rather calm voice.
This is your captain speaking. We are experiencing catastrophic engine failure and there is nothing we can do to save this ship. There are ten escape pods for you to safely debark this ship, the crew along myself will stay here allowing all passengers to live. Unfortunately we do not know anything about the planet here so I can not guarantee your outright survival. Good luck to you all.

Panic Ensued among the few crew members near by Only telling what was happening with the civilians in the rest of the ship. Ten Pods Was absurd! I Had to attempt to commander One. So grabbed up my Fathers Outland Rifle fixed the bayonet and strapped the Lig sword to my side. At first only to keep them with Me but then i heard Gun fire and I knew I might just need these. When i left the cargo bay with the rushing crew members. Them keeping a distance seeing as i was armed though not much they could do in the tight hallways. Upon reaching the Same intersection from earlier An explosion Detonated right Before me and the near by crew.

The Explosion Came from the room to the right Belching flames from the door Insta-roasting all beings unlucky enough to be caught with in and in its immediate vicinity. As for me I Was blasted back down the hallway. Taking a number of crew with me breaking my fall others were not so lucky. The turmoil wouldn't be over it seemed though For almost as soon as the explosion Knocked us back a vacuum Attempted to suck us into the very room which had just Gone in flames. Thankfully Some one or something was still working with some efficiency on the ship As the security airlocks slammed shut before any of us Were pulled out.

Alas the remaining crew on Me side of the airlock Seemed not to be coping with With this new development in there immediate demise. I would not settle for this through all the screaming and whimpering of the broken crew members I was focused. Knew not to panic Immediately rising back up I knew were I could find Salvation. Running back as fast as I could Passing Distraught crew members on My way back to the deserted Bay area Now in shambles Containers Thrown about But I only wanted one in particular If i was going to attempt this at least I would attempt with with all My memories of home.

Alas I came upon My canister pulled the lever And as I was about to step in saw one folly If I was to make it to that planet with out being taken by the ship I would need to be out side So as a last Action before leaving My fate to the gods I Drew up my rifle and let loose on the Manual Door release Panel As fate would have it The bay began to disperse its contents into space The last sight to be seen as I closed The canister was that of the unknown planet."
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Excerpt From cold explorer crash Survivor Report
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