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 Rights of Indigenous and their Ways of Life

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Paul Luz
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Senior Scholar

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PostSubject: Rights of Indigenous and their Ways of Life   Wed Mar 05, 2014 5:19 am

I would like to start a discussion long overdue. In a world where "progress" is the goal, with rapid expansion of "civilization" by governments and companies who act like governments, what rights can be guaranteed to the indigenous population?

They may be allowed to live, but what if their way of life is killed? They may be allowed to vote, but what if their numbers are dwindling?

Look at the Jawa who have thrived in the desert for centuries. Their traditional hunting and roving grounds are being encroached upon by the New Republic cites. The Dunes are disappearing. They are even barred from holding their annual swap meet there, it seems.

How can we limit the freedom of a government? Who would enforce the measures? Are these lifestyles doomed to die as they cannot militarily stand up to their imperialistic conquerors?
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Rights of Indigenous and their Ways of Life
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