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 The Feara Corpus (in progress)

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Paul Luz
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PostSubject: The Feara Corpus (in progress)   Wed Nov 27, 2013 4:53 am

Soon after the discovery of the abandoned Jawa fort and the monoliths that gave researchers the first look at the "Bene Alisimama", more archaeologists began to search the surrounding area for more discoveries. Nestled among the peaks of a nearby mountain range was found a small complex of mud-brick buildings, each stacked upon another resembling a hive that blended into the mountain around them.

It was soon deduced that the complex was once a monastery used by a cloister of the B'omarr Monks. Among the artifacts found was a small cube. This cube held a projector from which researchers were able to access several files in Hutteese. The first of which serves as an introduction by a former monk Baku Feara. To date, his letter is the only text translated. We are working on getting the rest of his documents translated and publicly available.

It would appear at first glance that they might relate to the quest for Asan recently undertaken since the translation of the Bene Alisimama. While this is still under investigation, what this collection does offer scholars is a chance to study the Hutteese language and test their projected grammars with these untranslated texts. It is believed that with the final translation these, scholarship will be prepared to offer the public the first full grammatical study of the language of the Hutts.

Original Text:

H’chu apenkee ca Granee

Dobrokee du B’omarr steeth ray etee. Da teetocky debrokee neechu noleeya do ceetee solo che um parchee see’ybark bedwanala ma ‘ybark debraka skocha debrokee theechu. Gusha je stukaka whao hokeela du nek cheesa um gusha bunky dunko bata fierfek chuba etee ap-xmasi dwanaka nopa chubayuma je hopakay sool menkapa suteeaka chona chuba ta punchee porko je bongopusheeaka neechu.
Ta pukaa lorda wammaka jah checopa cheje, mo checopa grancha bem nan weenchola. Chuba ta bunko dobroka huchaspu, kuteela floota foo um chik youngee bo ankwass an bo kwamor an jut andoba unmut shag floota eeta hagwa kava dobrakay kuteela floota mo konchee bollakay. Chuba jeeskaka la je poonoo dot niboba.
Chuba teetocky. Oyach bollala mo mudcha, meendeeybi, bem um teesaw Publiko basakay chuba um spastika chone jujiminmeeakay chuba tot ulwan. Ta lorda debroka wonky, an chuba jah von wateela nagoola, bata bu Publiko panka debrokalla an kayfoundo chona dumpalla jah killya. Ta bunko debrokee con. Hagwa pusheeola. Kutella nagaka bollbatala, bata hagwa uba wammala ju gopptula. Bem U permskatchkee memoonkala cha wata debrokee.
Volopobi bu wankee foo to treebon ov jawa cha ta lorda dopa-meekaka. Chumba sucheeskakay whao chumba subochakay bem gardoa eeb koosaka mut junkie. Bata sujujiminmeeakay chone sujeeskay unubunko sando mouleerahla. Nobatanibokee chuba soolulwan. Foo chuba volopobi um grancha makacheesa du bu locktulla chuba lorda, coo sa mo creeda an reedoon. Bu kwee-kunee sa ma um pateesa. Otanga U chuba yavoola, ca Granee, an hopala.

Baku Feara

Translated Text (Luz):

Greetings, Great One,

I was a fellow B’omarr monk from six years ago. At that time I was away, alone in a city in order to buy some sail barge parts. My barge was burnt out and I was afraid. It seemed lucky for me to meet a man outside of a casino but (curse be upon him still) he did not sell anything and, being a double-crossing slime-ball, kidnapped me. Nobody helped me as my hands were tied and his large friend carried me away.
The Red Boss paid the price for me, a great price as I could read. His palace is disgusting, always fresh with female dancers, the blue and the green, and other slaves of either gender, always fresh. I still do not know how they always were fresh, no where they went. He kept me there, keeping his books.
There is not much time. He wants to go make war, I believe, for Republic cruisers have been searching his shipments and arresting his smugglers. The Boss is mighty, and his moisture-crop is not small, but the Republic ships will be many and hungry, and will drop death. The palace is no match. I will not be able to escape. I have always wanted to return, but I could not let you pay any ransom. For this reason, I have not let you know that I was here I am sending this message with a Jawa clan which the Boss double-crossed. They were cheated when they were promised protection if they provided scrapmetal, but they were kidnapped and kept underground to mine. I have secretly freed them. I am sending with them some grand loot from the boss’ vault, consisting of credits and books. The queen is my friend. I would like you to respect them and aid them.

Baku Feara

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The Feara Corpus (in progress)
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