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 Hunting & Zoological Studies

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Rennek Cor
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PostSubject: Hunting & Zoological Studies   Sun Sep 08, 2013 10:59 am

Having return from an expedition some time ago on the guilds nearest multi terrain planet, Ralltiir, I had quickly become astonished by the sheer amount of wildlife availble, both for studying, but also for hunting, as the animal population is somewhat exploding and the local authorities have allowed a year round season.

I recently returned for both studies but also some hunting. Along the way, I had encountered a number of different beats, but the stand out moment was a 4 pack of Howlrunners. We stumbled upon them by chance and immediately seeing us, we were set upon. Howlrunners are not the cuddliest creatures at the best of times, but this was different, they were even more aggressive than I had previously observed. There was no way to retreat, so the team took out the pack relatively swiftly. It was only then I saw the reason.

The were protecting a birthing area. There in the middle of the packs den was an egg. We had no option but to take it into protection with a view to returning it to the guild walls. The city holds a Zoological studies ranch where the birthing will take place, along with a naming ceremony.Guild members will be invited to suggest names for the animal, and I look forward to reading them.

If you have any hunting stories, please I would love to hear them.
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Hunting & Zoological Studies
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