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 The Journal of Teniel Djo (Year 9 - Year 10)

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PostSubject: The Journal of Teniel Djo (Year 9 - Year 10)   Sun Jan 20, 2013 1:21 am

The Diary of Teniel Djo

Below is a consolidated version of the public journal of former Eidolan Pirate Queen Teniel Djo, between year 9 and year 10. The transcript details personal interactions, fights, friends and above all, details of thefts by the Queen and her subordinates. This is taken from Djo's on hand, written here:

Year 9 Day 18

Dear diary,

After stealing from all the people who have been spamming my journal, I decided to test the general intelligence of the trading community at large...so we made a bet in the #eidola channel...

[00:58] Teniel> Hrm
[00:58] Teniel> I wonder how stupid people are...
[00:58] * Teniel tries something

[00:58] Teniel> Getting rid of all my capital ships, send 500k to "Teniel Djo" and you will get one *RANDOM* Capital Ship

Now, surely nobody would be stupid enough to fall for such a TRANSPARENT attempt to steal, would they? I waited, and checked my events...

Year 9 Day 18, 23:03 You have received 500,000 credits from Vee Null

Year 9 Day 18, 23:07 You have received 500,000 credits from Barad Kain

Year 9 Day 18, 23:07 You have received 500,000 credits from Worker Minion Arcant Renatus

Year 9 Day 18, 23:08 You have received 500,000 credits from CEO /Head Loony Kieran Traejik

Year 9 Day 18, 23:09 You have received 500,000 credits from Chief Executive Officer Loftano Drak

Year 9 Day 18, 23:12 You have received 500,000 credits from The Boss Fafrd Flywheel

Year 9 Day 18, 23:17 You have received 500,000 credits from Director of Production Evan Crawford

Year 9 Day 18, 23:18 You have received 500,000 credits from Lieutenant Commander Vash Reckless

Year 9 Day 18, 23:18 You have received 500,000 credits from Chairman [HC-5] Kiger Wulf

It's like I don't even have to *try* to rob people anymore these days, they *line up* to send me money. Now, with that announced, I am pleased to announce that the Eidola Holiday Giveaway will stay open until Saturday night - thanks to the generous donations of the galaxy's stupidest traders.

Year 9 Day 31

Dear diary,

faith in humanity continues to dwindle after earning nearly 14 million last night from a large number of people who sent me credits, anywhere from 1cr to 9 million, believing they would get ships in return. It was cute, I announced that I was drunk (despite two people pointing out that I have mentioned moral issues with drinking in the past...) and began erratic behaviour. A few moments later I gave some of the poorer traders cheap/free X-Ties to reinforce the "so crazy, giving away Eidola!" theory - and then released a strange sale/auction hybrid where I basically announced that I would sell everything from Taverns to Dreadnaughts for ridiculously low prices, because I WAS JUST THAT DRUNK!

Sharing this galaxy with complete morons, of course, it wasn't long before the money started flowing in. Loud cries of "Hey, I sent the money for that tavern!" were buffeted by "Hey, sent the cash for the spacestation, whoohoo!", which were drowned out by even louder cries of "omg, a cheap Dreadnaught Cruiser! I'll send money!".

A partial listing of the names responsible (minus three names that I was bribed to not include on any "shame lists", for shame you anonymous people! You know who you are!)

-Razhar Kalmn
-Lailoken Xzanthia
-Raith De`Skirsia
-Raith De`Skirsia (again)
-Raith De`Skirsia (holy crap, stop sending me stuff!)
-Kieran Traejik
-Dac Kain
-Gavin Gorsceu
-Kieran Traejik (again?!)
-Coleman Rendar
-Coleman Rendar (after all, why only pay me once?)
-Calan Gren (who had earlier mocked people saying it was probably a scam...and then proceeded to join them in the mad rush to finance Eidola)
-Dac Kain (why do the same names keep appearing?)
-Vor Drasaad
-Dakko Powars
-Jonais Londramor
-Arjuna Ketwol
-Gavin Gorsceu (even after I put you on the bad boy list!)
-Geno Sin`Xristos
-Cern Dragoon (congratulations on being one of the few who only got robbed *once* last night...)
-Raith De`Skirsia (AGAIN?!?)

Now, some of them lost only a few credits - and some of them lost upwards of 9 million credits - all due to stupidity and greed coming together in a gigantic moment of profit for Eidola.

Year 9 Day 75

Dear diary,

A couple of days ago I was browsing the Galactic News and came across the fact that Confederate Mining had just switched hands, turned over to a "Marco Salo". Naturally, this caught my interest, and I went over to our new neighbour's place with a Bulk Freighter in my hands.

Here's a rough approximation of our conversation...

[03:39] (Teniel) I've got a Bulk Freighter that's no longer of use to me
[03:39] (Marco) How nice, how mush do you want for it?
[03:41] (Teniel) about 14mil
[03:46] (Teniel) If you're in Smugglers Guild, Eidola or Mytaranor, I don't mind sending first
[03:45] (Marco) I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, I'll send first
[03:46] (Marco) you can send to Confederate Mining Corp

Year 9 Day 75, 1:54 You have received 14,000,000 credits from the faction Confederate Mining Corporation with the following message: For bulk freighter

Now at this point, I'd just made 14mil credits in seven minutes of work...but I decided to see if I couldn't earn a little more on top of that...

[03:48] (Marco) 14,000,000 credits have been successfully sent to Teniel Djo.
[03:53] (Teniel) Hrm, you only sent 14mil, didn't I say 16?
[03:53] (Marco) (Teniel) about 14mil
[03:53] (Teniel) gah, dammit - must've been a typo :\
[03:53] (Teniel) http://db.centrepointstation.com/search.php?keywords=bulk
[03:53] (Teniel) I was working off the CPM average, of 16mil
[03:54] (Marco) Want me to send you 2 more
[03:54] (Teniel) Please :\

Year 9 Day 75, 2:16 You have received 2,000,000 credits from the faction Confederate Mining Corporation with the following message: The rest for the bulk

Well, that took twenty minutes to earn another 2mil, that was certainly taking too damned long. But just for one last hurrah, I tried to see if I could rob him three times within the hour...

[04:09] (Marco) 2,000,000 credits have been successfully sent to Teniel Djo.
[04:12] (Teniel) Ugh, you mind if I send you back your money? I'm afraid Soge just offered me 17mil for the Bulk :\
[04:17] (Teniel) Any chance you'd pay 17mil? Very Happy
[04:22] (Marco) I do trust you thats no issue here
[04:26] (Marco) 1,000,000 credits have been successfully sent to Teniel Djo.

Year 9 Day 75, 2:32 You have received 1,000,000 credits from the faction Confederate Mining Corporation with the following message: the rest for the bulk

So there you have it, my dear diary, in 38 minutes the new leader of Confederate Mining got robbed three times, sending me a total of 17mil, helping maintain my current income level of earning 500k/minute Smile

I am sorry I must now go to bed, before telling you the hilarious story about the time I ran a lottery named "It's a scam" and 31 different people sent in entries, ranging from 1cr (Jeb!) to 800k (Nevka!) apiece. But trust me, it's a classic.

Year 9 Day 77

Dear diary,

Alex Track's statements in my journal made me curious...so I decided to try an experiment on IRC...

[Teniel Djo] FS: Biotech stocks to people whose handle starts with "A", 5 credits each
[Alex Track] So how dose this work with the 5 creds for anyone begining with an A
[Teniel Djo] Yeah, five credits per Biotech stock, a maximum of 20 per player
[Alex Track] mmm ok i need proof they exist
[Alex Track] So i don't walk into a scam
[Teniel Djo] Hrm, can't really think of any way to prove it to you
[Alex Track] Credits ready to sent, Once i see the stocks in my account i will hit accept
[02:08] I'm afraid I'm not sending first, no
[Alex Track] Ok i send half
[Alex Track] ok
[Alex Track] 50 credits have been successfully sent to Teniel Djo .
[Alex Track] You should see it in your account

I cannot stop giggling. This is buying me a beer!

Year 9 Day 78

Dear diary,

I noticed the former leader of Imperial Mining operations, Uther von Kaldreon sitting quietly in the trading communities today and thought he looked a little too rich for me to pass by. See, this is a man who has allowed me to rob him *MANY* times in the past - so I *KNEW* he wasn't smart enough to have learned his lesson yet...but then he said something that made me simply giddy with excitement...

[21:58] (Uther_Von_Kaldreon) not tooo bright leadership in GE .. making a downfall Smile

Well now, I couldn't just stand by and listen to him claim that it was the OTHER leaders in the GE that were dumb, when he himself had done such a fantastic job of making sure the Empire remained open to rapings by Eidola...so I decided to contact him about selling a modified Bulk Freighter.

Great news, he needed cargo haulers! He was happy to use a known thief as a middleman, which of course made *me* happy, and he quickly sent 20mil as payment for the Bulk Freighter. Now, at this point I was laughing with my pirate friends at his utter stupidity, it took less than ten minutes to get 20mil out of him - he was just as stupid as we had remembered! But then Sin Jade reminded me that my last robbery had been a TRIPLE, and wondered if we could pull off the same here.

Eager to prove that there is no level of stupidity to which some members of the galaxy won't stoop, I pretended that the New Republic had just offered me 25mil for the ship, and pretended I was going to refund his money and cancel the trade, to send to them. He protested, he would send another 5mil, to cover the difference! Well, I was glad to accept that "compromise", and so the second theft of the night brought us to a total of 25mil stolen from Uther.

But now for the third one, we wanted to go BIG. So I made an offhand mention that "if he was interested...", I had a FOUR MORE BULK FREIGHTERS, A GALLOFREE AND AN ACTION VI I'd be willing to sell tonight! Good lord, his eyes were as large as saucers, as he gleefully announced that would be PERFECT for creating his own government! Well, all we had to do now was negotiate the price! Eventually we agreed, he would trade 23 ex-Imperial mines, 8 power generators powering Imperial cities, slabs on six different Imperial planets and another 12.5mil - in exchange for my entire fleet of cargo haulers! What a deal! In fact, some would say it was almost...TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

But allowing himself to be convinced that the middleman had simply "gone to eat", he agreed to simply send his half of the trade directly on good faith, certain that he would be seeing five bulk freighters, a gallofree and an action VI before long.

Eidola has just gained a lot of territory and more than doubled their mining output, gained a lot of Imperial land and there's also 40mil in cash missing from Uther's wallet tonight. Why does anybody NOT align themselves with these sexy pirates? Smile

Year 9 Day 111

Dear diary,

Xanatos began the groundbreaking on Eidola's final cemetery design this week, building the first gravestones and fountains. Completion of all facilities is expected within the month, as chaplains from The Way will be overseeing construction of the grand cathedral. A number of B'omarr Monks have agreed to patrol the grounds, and burial is guaranteed to all whose remains are brought to the Hecq Aseteroid.

In other news, a long-time veteran pirate has come out of inactivity to begin laying the groundwork for his podracer speedway - things are still under development in terms of making sure that cheating isn't possible - but he's released the following mock-up with a predicted start-date for races at the beginning of Year 10.

During a recent visit to Aline, in the Outer Rim C-9 sector, Black Sun member Lamy Homo agreed to allow me to board his ship to share a meal together. The two of us had a wonderful time, he really is an amusing and witty person, despite his reputation. I look forward to seeing him again in the future.

Second-in-Command Derek Shado has taken a leave of absence while he looks after pressing personal issues, and this has seen three veteran pirates given new responsibilities in the group - Zachai Dracolis and Utono Brutza have both been with the group since its earliest days, and Eli Greenberg, who has been an invaluable help to the group over the years. If you want to bribe/coerce/assassinate somebody, these are the three men to whom you should be looking.

And finally, following discussions of pirate alliances amongst the other groups, it was decided that the Raptor Pirates were still the biggest posers in the galaxy. We therefore decided to invade their newest system, G'rho, and seize its namesake planet from their forces. Commander Dracolis has been instrumental in building up Eidola forces in the region who now control 93.3% of the planet. Commanders Syn and Talak have also been a great help arresting Raptors who scurry around on the surface of the planet desperately trying to build up their cities to defend against the Eidola invasion. A note to the Raptor Pirates...

And finally, noticing our many operations and dwindling funds, Utono Brutza got in contact with the New Republic's chief weapons manufacturer on the day they crowned Aeternal Conclave as their new leader, and convinced him to send a hefty sum of money to Eidola in order to purchase cargo haulers for Neurosaav. We regret to inform the New Republic that these cargo haulers willnot be delivered as promised, since we have been informed that apparently you consider yourselves at a state of war with Eidola...and we have decided that financing our enemies would not be a good idea.

Diary, that is all the news for this week, but I'm told that there should be more incoming news soon...apparently somebody is about to die Smile

Year 9 Day 173

Dear diary,

I apologise for writing so infrequently, there's a series of operations underway - and at least two of them are using "You cannot mention it in your journal or in the news" as bargaining chips - so sadly, I remain mute until the terms of those surrender documents are decided Smile

I've been exposing myself to a great deal of danger lately, walking around a particular enemy planet leading the troops in battle. A month ago this planet was 100% in the hands of a rival group in the southern galaxy, we offered to trade generously to acquire it but were told that wasn't a possibility...so instead, we launched an invasion - today it passed 45% Eidola control.

I noticed in my absence that a particular wookiee, "Anderin Foster", saw fit to spam my journal with all manner of crap. Not to worry, I've had one of my associates waylay him as he passed through pirate-controlled territory yesterday. His YT-1300 was stolen from him, the Bulk Freighter he was flying was hijacked, the Raw Materials aboard were impounded, and he himself is now sitting arrested in an Eidola brig, awaiting the very-sharp blade of justice to fall on him.

Year 9 Day 182

Dear diary,

am happy to report that the invasion of Kathol went well, we finally have our foothold in the sector. With tribute properly paid, have also begun negotiations to a non-aggression pact with Kathol, to respect their desire to also be pirates. Both sides agree that more fun could be had making the Empire squirm.

The latest addition to Eidola, who has asked not to be named, spent most of the invasion quietly tracking Krath assets and builders on the planet and sending back intelligence reports - I foresee a fast track to power for this one. He laughed at general incompetence as Eidola brought nearly 600 slave builders to the invasion site, and Krath's response was only to begin a few new skyscrapers with only a single builder working on each...even though we took heavy losses as Xel Novastar slew slave contractors, our skyscrapers *still* finished before theirs.

Halfway through war, it became obvious that Kathol had made the fatal error of hiring unionised construction labourers, as they spent days sitting in the corner of the city, not working, after a single facility was constructed. Smoking, eating, laughing and telling stories - anything but working. No wonder their skyscrapers still hadn't finished by the time the war was over.

Ah well, with Krath subdued, it must now be time to begin looking for other settlers in the Outer Rim who will pay tribute to Eidola...

Year 9 Day 186

Dear diary,

have had an issue lately with three of the most annoying readers of my journal spewing their crap, distracting from my private ruminations. Luckily it did not take long for Eidola to register their names in the online Database of the Damned that we maintain. A week later, Anderin Foster was lying dead in the grass of Ison, Eidola's conquest in the Churba sector.

Today I had a spot of luck with the second annoyance, Zane Nike. It seems he was looking to purchase some Sabaoth Defenders - and was told by the Wraiths that "Eidola own the few defenders outside the Wraiths, and they wouldn't legitimately sell". But I took the warning as just extra incentive to prove that I could rob him, even after he was warned that I would be targeting him.

I approached him and offered him one of our rare Sabaoths for the small price of five million credits. He leapt at the opportunity, and I was amused thinking I had just scored the world's easiest mark. However, imagine my dismay dear journal, when moments later he stated that he insisted on using Togan Jano as a middleman "seeing as what happened to foster". He then told the Wraiths that he could "prove" that he'd bought a Sabaoth from Eidola soon, and to "hold their judgment" until then.

Well, I agreed to use Togan Jano as he seemed like a decent sort of middleman. I just added in a note that if he really insisted on using middlemen, the deal might cost him a bit more time and effort. Luckily, he saw the wisdom of my advice, and agreed to simply send the cash. So today, dear diary, I have 5,000,000 that used to belong to Nike. How shall I spend it? Will it be possible to stage an invasion and take over an entire planet on such a small budget? Will it be possible to bribe my way past security to kill a government official? Will it be enough to finally get Shorr Warr the sex change operation for which he has been longing? Tune in next week to find out!

Year 9 Day 197

Dear diary,

it seems the buildwar is going better than we had thought on Legocelegolfin, our original estimate was that "either Krath has some of the sneakiest secretive building projects going on somewhere on-planet, or they are hopelessly inept at this "war" idea. But we brought several new pirates to the planet, and 100 individual scans later...there are no hidden cities except our own! Smile

Of course, once this scanning was done - I invited Kai Oryk to join me aboard the Gráinne Ni Mháille; we had tea and biscuits, then took a tour of the ship and had a wonderful time. He was about to bunk down for the night in the guest hammocks when we got an alert that Krath had suddenly begun construction on hundreds of new flats!

Given our commanding lead in the planet's development, I was content to simply allow Krath to bolster our population, but Kai felt it would be a stain on his honour to allow Krath to build, after they had hailed his ship with increasingly rude and violent remarks in the previous week.

Seizing a chaingun off the wall of the ship, Kai stepped outside and shot down 209 Krath workers as they stepped off Nomak Drome's ship. In a matter of minutes, every single reinforcement that Krath had brought to the planet had been massacred - except a solitary Jawa, which ran and hid, escaping the carnage.

This morning, as though to thank us for destroying their hope of ever regaining their planet; Krath allowed a neighbouring planet, Harahunuir to go uncontrolled for nearly five hours...giving us plenty of time to scoot over there in the GnM and lay down a hidden slab. After we're done on the current planet, we may go take over the neighbour as well Smile

Year 9 Day 236

Dear diary,

What a month it has been, with the ransom paid for that beak-nosed slackjaw we've been able to afford a great many luxuries. We have further developed the planets of Ylesia, Alisandor, Ison and Imzig, and to top things off, Utono brought in cookies for the whole crew yesterday!

Krath has continued building on Legocelegolfin despite having no real chance to convince the local population to support them in any meaningful fashion, really dear diary, why bother? We have largely allowed the construction to continue as it only helps Eidola grow at Krath's expense - although Syn insisted on remaining behind in Krath territory, ostensibly to keep an eye on matters, although between you and I diary, the twenty Krath pirates reported killed yesterday by an unknown sniper...well, we shan't let the media get ahold ofthat information. I will simply destroy all evidence that the galaxy's most famous Falleen enjoys picking off hapless Krath pirates with a sniper rifle.

I ran a small scam in the galactic auction houses, gaining another 3mil for ten minutes' work while purporting to sell off some new type of droid that doesn't even exist...I just used GalactiPhotoEditor and posted an alleged photograph of a new "prototype". Ah well, the former leader of the Wraiths could hardly be expected to know that I am a pirate I suppose - nevertheless he was polite throughout the exchange, even after discovering he had been robbed, so I returned half his money. I'm such a softie, diary, it's surprising more people don't behave amicably when robbed...why scream and threaten to kill me if I don't return your money? Simply shrug and smile...sometimes I'll run after you because I feel bad. Ah well, it's probably best that secret remains between you and I, otherwise people would begin exploiting it.

Disappointed by the small nature of that auction however, I wandered over to the marketplace and announced I was holding a bargain sale of all Eidola's valuable cargo haulers! Flooded with inquiries ranging from the asinine ("omg, plz tell me the name, location, price and last known mission of all Eidola ships!") to the sad ("I will give you 2 billion for all of them, but you must send first"...tch, don't play a player dear) - I chose Gadon Trammer as the most vulnerable target -- he had a fistful of money, and hopes of declaring himself king over a small corner of the galaxy - ego and wealth, my favourite combination! I ended up taking him for 12 million which is being put towards a project encouraging freelancers to set up unique businesses in Hutt Space, worthy business ventures like the wandering Hutt troubadour and the podracing pitstop. More to come in the future, although I predict these may become two of the most popular!

Have contracted with the Smugglers Guild to transport Eidola's vast quantities of illegal Ryll aboard an innocous looking Bulk Freighter this week, bringing the material to Ylesia where it will be further refined and stored in local warehouses, awaiting buyers. Jaggo and Nah remain two of the best allies for which Eidola could hope. Speaking of truth though, dear diary, I put my life in the hands of allies again this week and allowed Seren Acrux, a Klatooinian with no real connection to Eidola, to pilot me around Alisandor so we could better coordinate ourselves. He could have easily kidnapped me, bringing me to hostile territory or flying for the sun, but once again my faith in a few very specific individuals was well-placed. It is always reassuring to know honour exists.

But now diary, I must tuck you on the shelf and return to the bridge of the Gráinne Ni Mháille, because we are approaching our destination and I must ensure the rendez-vous is secure and ready for the approach of captains Oryk, Thesk and Monso who are meeting me.

Year 9 Day 295

Dear diary,

I have been slow at updating you, so I imagine you might be missing some of the context that makes my stories truly entertaining. I apologise, and will try to explain things.

The Falleen Federation is the Galactic Government. Tavon Allyii is the Interior Minister of that government. Several branches inside the government have called for his removal, but they have been ignored. Eidola monitors chatter inside foreign governments to identify weak spots that can be exploited. The Interior Minister has been robbed three times in the past two months by Eidola.

It all began two months ago, when Gitane Demone was bored and decided to try and run a scam. So many of us cautioned her, dear diary, that she was unlikely to find rich bait since she had acquired such a reputation as a thief and appeared on every list of unsavouries we had seen published. Nevertheless, Tavon Allyii, only a few weeks into his position as Interior Minister, decided to send first to her and subsequently lost 12,000,000cr which were quickly invested in metallic underpinnings for lithe slaves. But this was not the coup d'etat that lost Allyii his job at the Falleen Federation, oh no - that came scant hours ago!

See, my dear journal, I was in the process of negotiating a good-faith sale to Tavon Allyii when he mentioned that he had been scammed by Eidola in the past, and that the Falleen Federation had now warned him that he was ONLY allowed to trade with FF money IF he made sure to use "Sin, Jack or Rune" as a middleman. I was curious...Sin? Sin Jade, the Eidola Quartermaster who has overseen the subjugation of Imzig and constructed havens of immorality across the Outer Rim? I quickly sent a commwave to Sin, asking if he was interested in taking a Falleen Federation Interior Minister for 15,000,000cr, and he of course agreed. Careful not to use any means of impersonation, we set up a simple backwaters storefront named #Sin`s_Middlemanning_Service and hastily erected signage to make it appear well-used. A few idle passersby were conscripted to "idle" around the storefront to give the appearance of legitimacy, and Sin positioned himself behind the counter. Tavon agreed that "Sin Jade" was the middleman he had been told to use, and even laughingly acknowledged that he knew Sin was in Eidola but that his superiors had assured him that Sin was honest and a fair middleman. Pulling out his wallet, he gave Sin the 15,000,000cr datachips from the Falleen Federation coffers and merrily awaited his much-desired city. When it failed to materialise however, he still did not grow suspicious, but began negotiating with me again, for yet another city "since Sin was obviously just busy and hadn't sent yet" - and so it was agreed, a second much-desired city would be sold to him - this time in exchange for his two personal ships. He sent them immediately, still strangely oblivious to the fact that he kept sending Eidola members money and ships, and never seemed to get anything in return.

But that was not the only amusing point in my fortnight, dear journal, because I also happened to come across a series of power generators for sale on a key Tresario planet; one of their most prized holdings, in the Kubakai system. Setting course for the system in a Bulk Freighter full of raw materials, 98 Falleen Construction workers and a Falleen Eidola Quartermaster (strange coincidence, don't ask...I'm not entirely sure myself), I then approached the leaders of Tresario. I announced that I considered them in my debt, and demanded that I be given a mark of prestige in their holochat channels, similar in shape to a @, or else I would destroy one of their metropolises and conquer it in the name of Eidola. They rebuffed me, called me all manner of names and suggested several anatomically impossible positions I should adopt. Two hours later, my dear journal, I cut power to every residential flat on the planet, resulting in complete anarchy and a loss of fealty to Tresario - before they realised the extent of the damage to their holding, I had laid down nearly 40 new cities, and begun construction on my own series of POWERED skyscrapers which drew their population to swear loyalty to Eidola instead, as they housed in temporary hotels I had hastily erected. Anything was better than the unpowered drafty and over-priced flats they had been renting from Tresario, I suppose.

With the planet firmly under my control, I then proceeded to Tresario Mining's three key holdings on the planet, mining Meleenium, Duracrete and Rudic from beneath the planet's core. I cut off all power to those mines as well, resulting in a work stoppage; and then hired the workers myself, and am now putting them to work building NEW mine shafts, alongside Tresario's now-useless shafts, that will extract the same materials but in furtherance of the Eidola cause; that of spreading TRUE freedom, under a Jolly Roger.

In other news, trusted my life to a foreigner named Alan Trehurn, who had both the means and ability to arrest me if he so desired. To his credit, he did not even attempt such an arrest, and I now have increased respect for him.
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The Journal of Teniel Djo (Year 9 - Year 10)
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